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We're a new committee in the process of working out how to best put together a family-friendly meeting space. As we are all local volunteers we'd like you to understand that we are in it for fun too. At the moment Fri nights from 5pm will be the only time we are open (besides events), so why not make it a habit to come down and join us.

Our plan is to offer different meals and we'll be endeavouring to propose some really healthy options as well as old favourites.

We'll also be serving a range of drinks including beer, wine and soft drinks at 10% discount to members.

We are a non-profit association so you won't be surprised to find we will be cheaper than anywhere else for a great, quality feed and all proceeds will be plugged back into our community..

How do we join?

Well this is the fun part!! Click here

Please fill out a form and join up at the counter..

Every week we will list our specials on our facebook feed below or you can go to